Copa is a brazilian type inspired by street paintings that Brazilians often do in times of World Cup. It's possible to recognize this popular culture with huge presence in Brazilian creative people, which brings to the type bars and irregular shapes the message of joy, fun and hope that Brazil shows when painting the streets to support the national team. The name Copa (from World Cup) was chosen because it embodies this hope when we're getting home a World Cup: the search for a sixth title (Hexacampeonato, in portuguese). Using the identity of Brazilian team, like green, yellow, blue and white, The type shows a very freely and very different ways, so that typography is based on the variation that brings unity to the project: the irregularity of a multicultural message.
The project brings the typography created by Ricardo Carvalho supported by illustrations made by Henrique Mamede
Publisher: Ricardo Carvalho
Price: 1 font / $5
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