Pirmokas script

Typeface Pirmokas is one of my first works made in digital version. It all began when I started my FontLab course. Pirmokas was made as school project to improve FontLab skills. Main point of making it was to have the typeface which would be universal and fitable with my style of works or projects. It took half a year, one box of A3 paper and aproximately 10 stabilo layout markers, to design it and digitalyze. Originally it was written on paper with 10mm marker, each letter is taken from entire word, trying to write and desing it as natural as possible. Entire font contains 230 glyphs, 130 of which are ligatures and it has unusual kerning solu- tions. Pirmokas was designed in 2009 spring.
Designer: Rokas Cicenas
Publisher: Rokas Cicenas
Price: 1 font / $13
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