Akceler is the system of fonts, that will be used primary in sport. Elasticity of glyphs reflected an adrenalinous shapes of latest bikeframes, skies or sportcars. Maximum open arches guaranteed good readability in very small sizes. Softness of lowercase is at uppercase balanced in bottom arches, that are subtly kicked-up. Numerals are an important component of sport communication, so here have they expressive design, different from numerals of book typefaces. Every font have 9 kinds of numerals. Character case contains sport icons and othes signs creating the sport feeling. Title „Akceler“ represent acceleration, which is characteristic attribute of this typeface.

● 24 styles (2 alternatives, 3 grades of dynamics, 4 weights)
● over 1 000 glyphs per font
● 9 kinds of numerals
● icons of sport equipment
● 8 stylistic sets
● 8 kinds of arrows
● 23 OT features
● support of latin languages
Designer: Andrej Dienes
Publisher: Andrej Dienes
Price: 24 fonts / $540
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