Bruno La Versa

Name: Bruno La Versa
Location: Firenze, Italy

22 year old, with passion and zeal to sell, I hate not knowing something, and I'm always looking for information to fill in the gaps that as my job takes me. I'm a perfectionist, I do not like to waste time talking when there's work to do and I put my passion in front of everything, that's why I chose a different world from the others, I decided to do something for myself, which I like , it excites me and keeps me alive every day, working with a smile, always. I like to be the one who makes decisions for everyone and I like to put my decisions in dance, I like the risk of a choice and I love the adrenaline rush of expectation that this choice will take me. Slowly I'm turning from boy to professional, I always find someone who can inspire me and give me one more reason to do what I do. Those who choose to work with me invests, and now, every good investment is the fundamental basis of a good professional relationship. My parents are humble people and they sent me the respect for the work, and patience to use with moderation and balance. I believe in myself, and I prefer to find answers in the people rather than lock myself in my ideas and stop to them, after all the only real limits to our imagination we're just not us? ;) Read Less

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