Nerea Simple Version


Nature is the queen in the Art Nouveau and it highlights the organic intertwined forms, plant motifs, the curved line and sensuality. The shapes are sinuous, floral and innovative, and from that understanding comes this new typographic project.

Nerea is the result of "Tipografía III" subject of "Estudios Superiores de Diseño Gráfico" at Escuela de Arte de Granada. The design process began in December 2013 and ended in June 2014. However, it is only the beginning, because much remains to be done to this family. Nerea is a typeface inspired by Art Nouveau, whose design is based on organic and stylized forms, that convey delicacy and fluidity. Typography is well constructed with feminine character with decorative applications where flowing format with grace and reinforcing the property with a large set of ligatures. These characteristics of Art Nouveau are reflected in this typographic project and personality of women is also evident in the name of this new typography, Nerea.
Designer: Patricia Rueda
Publisher: Patricia Rueda
Price: 1 font / $1
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